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        Jiangyin YOBO
          Address:The 2nd,Huanxi road,                   Huashitown,jiangyin
                          city,jiangsu province
          Manager: Shen Jin Long
        ZIP CODE:214421
        WEB SITE:http://www.mctds.com
        Flam retardant polyether polyol
        (Flame,nomal retardant)high elasticity foam mixed materials
        The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipates
        Water dispersed polymer thane adhesive
        Flam retardant polyether polyolYB-3081
        Flam retardant polyether polyol YB3082
        (Flame,nomal retardant)high elast icity foam mixed materialsYB-518X
        The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipatesYB-718X
        Water dispersed polymer thane adhesive
        Component:A-part polyurethane water and other additions water and other additions.
        Appearance:white or yellow milk liquid with blue outward.
        Solid content:301%
        Operat requirements:mixed with-NCO partB at a degree of 8%-10%.And stirring heavily and
        well-distributed .Remembering,used it up in 8 hours.
        Technology speed:80-95meter/min
        Stoving tempture:90
        Stoving way's length:7.5m
        Seachable exfoliate intensity:2.0-2.5N/15mm
        The plastics film of PE-OPPPE-PETPET-OPP.
        Technical support::Jiangyin nameless science and technology  
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